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Fuzzy Faces

and other not-so-conventional beautiful bodies

People with Fuzz on their Faces
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This community is a place for people to talk about their facial hair. Especially people whose facial hair has been taboo, including female identified people as well as others. This isn't a strictly anti-hair removal community, but it is also NOT a place to trade tips on hair removal. We are looking for open-minded members who are inquisitive. We want to discuss why facial hair is taboo.

The Rule.
This is a place for people who do not want to blindly accept removal as wrong or right. It depends on the individual, and this should be a community where everyone feels safe. If you as a member make any intolerant posts depending on the severity, you may recieve a warning or you may simply be removed. It is okay to advocate and share your beliefs, just be tolerant of others, and always make arguments thoughtful. What this all boils down to is: No racism, sexism, transphobia, fat-phobia, homophobia etc.

The Request.
Upon joining it would be awesome if you would share the story of how you have related to your fuzz (even if it's not there anymore).

What can you post?
Links, personal pictures, questions, rants, whatever. Our purpose is to provide a community for fuzz, a place where it's safe to discuss it.

Not fuzzy?
Even if you aren't fuzzy, or have never been fuzzy, you may join, so long as you follow the Rule.

Contacting the Moderator
Moderator: snapppleismine
If you have something you need to tell me that you'd rather not post publically on the community journal, feel free to use the email address I've listed above. This goes for anything, including letting me know if something has offended you or made you feel unsafe. When writing emails, please include the community name in your subject line. And if you don't recieve an answer, you've probably spelled my email address wrong. Snapple has three p's in it.

Member Bios
That's right. All ready and willing members get lovely member bios.

I'm Rebecca, but you can call me fluffy. I'm in the tenth grade and living in Southern California.I shave nothing but my head. I'm not a skinhead, nor racist. I love my body, including my slight moustache. Not many people notice it, but those who do have verbally attacked me. I deal daily with illness, but I try to keep my head above water. If you are in for lots of pictures, rants and rambles, add me. I read all my friends journals.

Im a 28 year old male from Sydney Australia, my name is Rob. Im part of this group because I find women/intergendered people sexy who are themseleves enough to be proud of their facial hair. I know im not the hairest person myself. Im actually quite non-hairy for a guy. Many women out there with more hair than me. I belive that you should have the right and choice to grow facial hair as much as any man. Having the guts and belief in yourself to be different is a very sexy trait to me. I am very against the hollywood ideals.

hello, sailors! i'm moshi: vociferous lefty, neo-dandy (which accounts for my colossal ill-matched polyester faux pas), a spritely twenty, and none too serious despite living in a DIY/academia bubble. i do wish dreadfully that i could sport an impressive moustache, but i've been thwarted with a sparse array of blonde hairs. (what a let down.) i'm terribly fond of making and perusing zines, wee crafts, books, and flouncing about enthusiastically to all manner of music. in any case, i'm not nearly as intimidating as people somehow seem to think i might be.